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Self Supporting Towers

The Fred A. Nudd Corporation manufactures a full line of self supporting lattice type towers.  These towers can be three or four sided structures.  Legs for these towers can be solid rod, pipe, or angle.  The lattice bracing is typically angle; but they can also be made of pipe, tubing, or solid rod.  In addition to offering a full line of tower accessories and antenna mounts, we also design and manufacture accessories and mounts for towers manufactured by others while maintaining the structural integrity of the tower.

These accessories include but are not limited to antenna mounts, transmission line ladders, climbing ladders, climbing ladders with safety cages, safety climbs, stairs, platforms, light mounts.

Please contact us for a price quote.

Self-supporting tower.
Gates, NY 

Self-supporting tower.
Monroe County 911
Cobbs Hill, Rochester, NY

The S9BPA LATTICE SELF SUPPORTING TOWER is ideally suited for light to medium-duty cellular applications, microwave links, and self supporting FM radio antennas. Wind speed capacities range up to 90 mph. Member sizes are project specified for maximum efficiency. Available in pipe and rod leg sections.


Face Dimensions

Elevation S12BPA S9BPA
320 4'-0"  
300 6'-0"  
280 8'-0"  
260 10'-0"  
240 12'-0" 3'-6"
220 14'-0" 3'-6"
200 16'-0" 5'-0"
180 18'-0" 6'-6"
160 20'-0" 8'-0"
140 22'-0" 9'-6"
120 24'-0" 11'-0"
100 26'-0" 12'-6"
80 28'-0" 14'-0"
60 30'-0" 15'-6"
40 32'-0" 17'-0"
20 34'-0" 18'-6"
0 36'-0" 20'-0"

*Other heights available.

The S3WRR LATTICE SELF SUPPORTING TOWER has the added benefit of minimal field assembly simplifying the installation process. Applications include 2- way radio links, broadband wireless, and light duty cellular requiring minimum tower base footprint. Sections are available with pipe or rod legs.

Face Dimensions

Elevation S3WRR
180 1'-6"
160 2'-0"
140 2'-6"
120 3'-0"
100 3'-6"

Standard Container towers are available for Overseas Shipments.

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