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Cellular Towers

Cellular carriers find the Fred A. Nudd Corporation's G30, and G42 Models very well suited to their needs.  If you are looking for very high tower loading please look into the G78 model.  It is our heaviest guyed tower with heights up to 1000 feet.

Our line of self supporting towers will accommodate your needs and use a smaller parcel of land than a guyed tower.

Our monopoles are utilized by many different cellular carriers.  We utilize break formed and welded construction with slip joints between the sections.

We offer a full line of mounts and accessories for use with wireless communication towers, whether they are guyed, self-supporting or monopole.  We also manufacture custom antenna mounts to meet your specific requirements.  Please contact us for a price quote for all types of wireless communications towers and/or antenna mounts.

Monopole with low profile platform.
(Cellular) Brunswick, ME

Monopole with tree concealment package.
Bushnell's Basin, NY

Monopole with concealed antennas.
Fremont, NH

G30 guyed tower with four carriers
light to medium loading.
(Cellular) Penfield, NY

G42 guyed tower with two carriers
medium to heavy loading.  (Cellular) Palmyra, NY

Self-supporting tower with multiple carriers.  (Cellular & Wireless Internet)
Ontario, NY

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