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Broadcast Towers

The Fred A. Nudd Corporation produces a full line of towers.  Many of the designs are very attractive to broadcasters.

Our line of guyed towers includes G18, G24, G30, G42, and G78 models.  The G18, G24, and G30 models work well for AM broadcasters.  The G42 and G78 models can also be used for AM broadcasting but are usually heavier than what is required.  For FM broadcasters the G30, G42, and G78 models are generally used.  Final choice of tower series would be dependent on tower loading and average wind speed in the proposed location.

The Fred A. Nudd Corporation also has a line of self supporting towers.  Standard series are S3, S9, S12, and S18.  Different heights are available to suit the requirements of the installation.

The Fred A. Nudd Corporation can also supply Monopoles for broadcast applications.  Please contact us for a price quote.

G78 w/broadcast antenna.
WEKW Walpole, NH

Broadcast antenna repair.
WXXI Rochester, Pinnacle Hill

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