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Monopole Towers

The Fred A. Nudd Corporation designs and fabricates monopole towers.  We utilize brake forming in our designs.  To facilitate this, the Fred A. Nudd Corporation purchased a Pacific Model 600-35 metal shear and a Pacific model FK2000-36/32 press brake.  The shear is capable of x 35 cuts in mild steel and the press brake is capable of 2000 tons with a 36-foot bed length.

Standard monopole sections are most commonly 50-foot lengths with shorter sections available for specific height requirements.

Our designs utilize slip joints between the sections.  This speeds up the erection process and helps to reduce fabrication costs.  We can design and implement flanged connections if you desire.  Please contact us for a price quote.

Monopole at Ontario, NY fire department. 
Radio communications and Paging.

Monopole with low profile platform.
Brunswick, ME

Different Models: F-Series, G-Series, J-Series, Q-Series, T-Series, OL-Series, OM-Series, OH-Series

Pole Series Application
F-Series Flag pole Concealments
G-Series Light duty monopoles
Q-Series Medium duty monopoles
J-Series Heavy duty monopoles
T-Series Tree Concealments
OL-Series Containerized light duty monopoles
OM-Series Containerized medium duty monopoles
OH-Series Containerized heavy duty monopoles

Optional finishes include hot-dipped galvanizing, epoxy paint, and powder coating for a durable finish.

Our AWS Certified Welders can professionally field install cable ports in most monopoles allowing the installation of feedlines for new carriers.

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