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Concealed Towers

The Fred A. Nudd Corporation offers a variety of concealment towers.  The most common types of concealments are the concealed poles, flag poles, and tree towers.  Each application is custom to meet your needs.  They are hot dipped galvanized and can be painted to meet local zoning requirements.

We offer a full line of antenna mounts and accessories for use with concealed towers. Please contact us for a price quote.

Tree concealment tower.
(Cellular) Bushnell's Basin, NY

150ft. 7-Carrier Concealed Flag Pole.
(without the flag)

Flag Pole Concealment

Tapered Pole

Tree Concealments

The Fred A. Nudd corporation has used it's many years of experience to develop a better flag pole design. This design enhanced visual ppearance, better antenna mounting and adjustment, ease of maintenance through multiple panels per level, a fully rotational flag truck assembly with internal winch. Heights range up to 150 feet and 5+ carriers.

The same full height taper from bottom to top used on the Flag Pole Concealment is used on our tapered Pole Concealment. These multi-carrier structures have the same features as our flag poles, but can be ordered without the flag and associated hardware. These towers are available to 150 feet and 6+ carriers.

We offer the same high quality of our other products in our tree concealments. Ranging from a light to heavy density concealment we can design and build trees which rise up to 195 feet above the ground. We also offer towers which are designed for future expansion.

Multi-carrier, tubular concealment
poles and flag poles provide a noninvasive cellular alternative.

Branches awaiting installation on pole.

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