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These are samples of towers manufactured and installed by the Fred A. Nudd Corporation.

Photo Tower/
File Name
Specifications Application Location
G30 guyed tower with four carriers Light to medium loading Cellular Penfield, NY
G42 guyed tower with two carriers Medium to heavy loading Cellular Palmyra, NY
G78 guyed tower w/45' broadcast antenna Made for heavy loads Public TV broadcasting University of New Hampshire, Walpole, NH
Large press brake 36' by 2000 tons   Fabrication Fred A. Nudd Corporation Plant
Large shear 35' by 3/4" thick cut in mild steel   Fabrication Fred A. Nudd Corporation Plant
Monopole at Ontario, NY fire department   Radio communication and paging Ontario, NY
Monopole with concealed antennas   Cellular, flagpole type Fremont, NH
Monopole with low profile platform   Cellular Brunswick, ME
Monopole with pine tree concealment package   Cellular Bushnell's Basin, NY
Self-supporting tower with multiple carriers   Cellular/paging and wireless internet Ontario, NY
Self-supporting tower    Multi-purpose Gates, NY
Special job: WXXI antenna repair Lightning strike repair Broadcast Pinnacle Hill, Rochester, NY
G30 guyed tower with multiple carriers Light to medium loading Cellular Hard Rd, Webster, NY

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