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Antenna Mounts

The Fred A. Nudd Corporation offers a large variety of antenna mounts and accessories to meet your requirements.  Pictured below are limited selections of the mounts we have in stock.  In addition we can custom design and manufacture mounts for unique applications.  Contact us with your specific requirements for pricing.

Antenna Booms on Starmount for G30/G42 tower
Pipe Mounted Trisector Antenna Booms.


4'x6' and 2'x3' Gate Booms can be used on all Tower Mounts.

Low Profile Platform: Has minimal wind area while providing a stable work surface. Also available with side-clamp mounts.

Single cross-pipe T-Arms are similar to the low profile platform but without grating.

Welded frame Cellular Booms provide full-sectorization installation and rotation ease.

T-Arms for antenna mounting are generally used within pine branch concealment.

The Low-Profile Platform has a minimal wind area while providing a stable work surface with accessibility to antennas.

Gate Booms are fully assembled, single unit construction for efficient field installation.

Our standard Cellular Booms provide for the full-sectorization installation and rotation requirements of today's cellular market.

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